Fajas Lissett Miami

Victoria High Waist Everyday Shaper Short

Color: Nude

The High Waist Everyday Shaper Short is perfect for daily use with comfortable short, extra high waist offers full abdomen coverage and butt lifting effect.

  • About the Shorts: The butt lifter short is specifically designed to naturally lift your buttocks, giving you curves and sculpting your bottoms. You can wear it under pants, dresses, or shorts while looking fabulous at the same time. Our compression shorts are made of PowerNet with inner cotton lining. These shorts offer full coverage and control without discomfort. This is the best combination because it provides your body with compression, but also allowing your body to breathe properly. These shorts contain a zipper that allows you to use the restroom without removing the garment. These shorts are high waisted and offers full abdomen coverage and the right control. They are designed with a lace band at the top and bottom to prevent it from rolling up or down.
  • Designed to Compliment Your Body: These high waisted shorts shape and contour your body with the most comfortable butt lifter shapewear for women available. It also helps prevent your thighs from rubbing together when walking. It controls and molds your body for a flatter tummy, a perky booty, and smoother-looking thighs. You can wear it to work, for a night-out, or even at home.
  • Size Chart Notice: Please read the size chart and measure your hips and waistline, and choose the size that bests go with your measurements. Our garments are meant to fit tightly, to mold and contour your body, for a firm and healthy look.

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